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Within a few minutes you can be on your way to programming your mind and body to easily and effortlessly and begin your journey to a new you.

Kick bad habits, improve your health, and improve performance by re-training your mind and strengthening your mind/body connection.

Tim Brunson, PhD
Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Why choose these titles written and voiced by me?


I have both the experience AND education to know what I'm doing when it comes to hypnosis. And when it comes to the most powerful part of your body - your mind - don't you want to make sure that you have an EXPERT to guide you through the changes you desire?

Once you've bought one of my cutting-edge hypnosis titles, you'll benefit from my over 2,700 hours of documented training and education in the fields of hypnotherapy, mind/body health, energy medicine and energy psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, gene expression, sound therapy (including psychoacoustics), Tibetan esoteric techniques, and more. I use techniques developed by Milton H. Erickson, MD, David Elman, Ernest Rossi, PhD, and many other classical and contemporary masters.

With numerous titles ranging from weight loss and smoking cessation to clinical subjects, our sessions represent the wide range of applications using advanced mind/body techniques.

How can hypnosis and hypnotherapy work for you? Hypnosis is a process, which helps you get out of your own way and allows you to select how you think. This enables you to access the hidden power of your brain – and body. Your brain has always had an ability to easily understand and organize. This capability is initially formed during the first 24 months of life. Then it is reinforced during further growth periods, which end around ages 13 and 25. However, some people have learned to suppress these abilities. Normally, this occurs when they see examples of others who are untidy or unable to organize their immediate environment and set goals. Many the challenges that a person faces in life are predominantly the results of learned behaviors. This creates the misperception that this is just “who I am.” In turn, this incorrect identity is reflected by which parts of their brain are typically activated, idled, and inhibited. The use of advanced SPECT scans of the brain reveals how energy is organized in the brains of people who see themselves as unsuccessful in life. The good news is the opposite is also true. People who are successful use their brains differently. They repeatedly activate parts of their brain, which are associated with confidence. Through repeated use, these areas become more and more powerful. This is where hypnosis helps.

Hypnosis helps by virtually shutting down the nay-saying resistance centers of the brain and accelerating the development areas, which are more appropriate for the desired transformation. Think of this as physical therapy for your brain. By denying the negative areas energy – which comes from excessive focus on what you don’t want – resistance seems to magically disappear. Then by using what I call selective thought, you can activate the areas that provide the needed resources such as confidence, organization, and the ability to envision a positive future. Simply, without developing competence in those areas you will absolutely never be successful. Think of this as attempting to run a race without having strong and health legs, lungs, and heart. It will never happen. Next the goal is to strengthen the necessary parts of the brain by repeated use. This session is designed to do just that. By helping turn off the part that this getting in the way and repeatedly exercising the required resources, you will find that your capabilities will begin emerging. Doesn’t this make a lot of sense? I recommend that you use this session at least once a day for a minimum of 21 days – and occasionally thereafter. Before you start this process, write down clear goals, which you intend to achieve. Follow this formula – and expect results to emerge! Start today.

What makes our CD's unique?

  • Written and voiced by a PhD, who is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy with many years of clinical experience with individuals and groups!
  • Concise to fit your time limitations, yet comprehensive enough to get effective results!
  • Uniquely combines hypnosis with energy therapy, NLP, and other modalities!
  • Customized music by an experienced film composer and energy healer!
  • Professionally designed and produced!
  • Designed with the Advanced Neuro-Noetic HypnosisTM principles and techniques.
  • Approved by The International Hypnosis Research Institute.


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